Library Services

Advising & reference

Extension and reference services are a measure of the performance of libraries and information centr


The Library has a photocopying and binding service centre, subject to copyright restrictions. 10-15%


Believing in the importance of having a special loan list that identifies the relationship between i

Scientific publishing

The Library has a scientific publishing programme with fixed objectives, policies and regulations ra

Specialized automated search

In addition to making use of automated library catalogues and making them available through the

Remote Service

This service provides a digital copy of part of a research source requested by the beneficiary

Library affidavit

This service provides Library affidavit on availability of a topic for PhD or Masters researchers .

Book Publication Service

This service provides book authors to publish their texts

Publication Children Book

This service provides children's book author to publish text of his book

Book a Room for Event

This service provides for booking a room for an Event

Group visit booking

This service provides visit booking for school groups or any interested group

Special Collections

This service provides a visit permission for private groups or a digital copy of one of its materials (documents - photos - maps)

Offer to Sell Collectibles

This service provides an offer to sell the beneficiary's collections (manuscript, specie, rare book) to King Abdulaziz Public Library

Collectibles Collection

This service provides a digital copy of a specific address from (Manuscript- Specie-Rare book)

Collaborative Training

Collaborative training