Services Level Agreement

Services Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement for Electronic Services

The purpose of the SLAEC is to explain and clarify the quality of the services provided through the various systems and services and the rights and obligations of the Library and the beneficiary. It is a frank and clear agreement between the library and all those who deal with it, whether or not they are aware of the agreement. Therefore, the use of any of the services covered by this Agreement constitutes an implicit and explicit consent by users to all of this Agreement, without prejudice to any other agreements that may be included in the provision of that Service.

The rights and obligations of beneficiaries

Beneficiaries’ requests shall be dealt with in a fair and confidential manner, and what is required shall be provided through the system, or by mobile or email as needed. The portal allows the user to register an account through which he can apply for services and take advantage of the systems and applications provided by the portal; through their account under the tab ‘My Electronic Services’, the user can follow the progress of the application. The registration must be identical to the means of identification used, and the information entered must be correct. If incorrect information is entered or attached, this can lead to rejection of the application. The applicant is fully responsible with regard to his choices and the regulations governing the services, and irregular applications will be rejected. If an application is accepted, the applicant will be informed of this through their email as registered in the portal. The status of the application can also be queried through the account registered in the portal under the tab ‘My Electronic Services’.

The Rights and Obligations of the Library,

Those failing to respond to messages and requests from beneficiaries will be called to account. The Portal Administration shall respect the principles of equity and privacy in dealing with beneficiaries’ requests. The Administration of the King Abdulaziz Public Library Portal has the right to cancel or stop requests submitted to it without giving reasons. The Portal Administration may reject requests that are incompatible or that contain incorrect or duplicate data. The Portal Administration may temporarily disable certain services or systems due to maintenance work or other reasons.

Service delivery level

No. Electronic Services Availability Total time (Days)
1 Individual book an appointment service 24 /7 1
2 Child book an appointment service 24 /7 1
3 Remote reference service 24 /7 3
4 Children's book publishing service 24 /7 180
5 Book publishing service 24 /7 90
6 Collection service 24 /7 3
7 Special Group Service 24 /7 10
8 Collectibles buying service 24 /7 10
9 Group visit booking service 24 /7 1
10 Information about a research topic 24 /7 3
11 Reservation of a hall for an event 24 /7 5
12 Cooperative Training 24 /7 3
13 volunteer 24 /7 2
14 Subscribe to the Children's Book Club 24 /7 5
15 Search in the general catalog 24 /7 1

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